How Canada can take the next step in post-secondary education

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How Canada can take the next step in post-secondary education

Almost every country in the world places a strong importance on education, but some certainly do it better than others.  An education group called Pearson tested nations around the world by comparing measurable things like grades, secondary and post-secondary school enrollment, and social progress in an attempt rate countries education systems.

According to research from the United Nations and Pearson, Canada currently ranks 7th in the world in terms of education.

In Finland, the 5th best education system, there are no tuition fees, and post-secondary education is mostly funded by the state.  Students in Canada are paying some of the highest tuition rates in the world.  The average Canadian student pays $23,000, compared to the average of $14,000.

Dr. Nigel Joseph is a humanitarian’s professor at Kings College.  Originally from India, Dr. Joseph has taught in the US, parts of Europe and of course Canada.  He believes that having post-secondary education funded by the state, is a direction Canada should definitely move towards.  If it’s not going to be completely free, Dr. Joseph still feels the costs should be reduced.

Having a good education is key in life.  According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada has the highest percentage of adults who have obtained a post-secondary education.  The report also notes that Canada ranks among the countries with the highest tuition fees.  The 7th best education system in the world is certainly an accomplishment.  In 2012, the country was ranked 10th, so there have definitely been improvements in the last four years.


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