The LTC’s rolling out big changes for 2017

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The LTC's rolling out big changes for 2017

Londoners who use the city bus to get around will be happy to hear the London Transit Commission is making improvements in the New Year.  Increased hours of operation, smart card technology, and altered routes are just a few changes that the LTC are hoping will make transportation easier for Londoners.

Joanne Galloway, the Director of Communications at the LTC, says the biggest improvement riders will notice is the increased number of hours that buses will be out on the streets. They’re adding around 18 thousand hours of service, most of which will be improved frequencies on existing routes.

The LTC also hopes to move towards a completely paperless fare system.  Currently, students at Fanshawe and Western have the ability to use their student cards to record a ride, and the LTC also has monthly passes that are available on smart cards.  The next step is to to implement is smart-card technology for all users.

The LTC hopes to be rolling out the stored value piece over the next couple months, which basically emulates bus tickets.  The smart card system is a technology-based fare payment system that allows riders to pay with the tap of a card.


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