London psychic convention

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Inspirational books, tarot cards, and psychic readings were all part of London’s psychic convention.

There was also one other unique contributor to the convention, Dorthy Kessler. Her specialty was different from many of those who were in attendance, she reads moon phases.

“The moon has such an impact on our lives, we all know that, even the earth is affected by the moon. So what I do is look up your birthday and see what phase the moon was in at the time and that tells a whole bunch about ones character.”

Dorthy has been travelling around for five years with the psychic convention and sees no end in sight in to a field that is growing in popularity within the psychic realm.

“When I started getting involved and learning about the moon phases and how it affects us it wasn’t as popular as it is now, so it has definitely grown.”

Of course the main attraction at the convention were the readings themselves.

Renowned Irish Psychic

Renowned Irish Psychic

They are by no means cheap, the average session that goes for approximately 20-minutes cost around 80-dollars.

But that did not stop hundreds from packing Centennial Hall from Friday-Sunday in an event that comes three times every couple years.


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