Black History Month Opening Celebrations

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Black History Month Opening Celebrations

Black History Month kicked-off in a very memorable way Saturday afternoon at the Museum London.  The event featured dance groups, musicians, inspirational speakers, and beautiful displays of the African Canadian culture.

This month is a time to learn more about the stories of the many Black people who have contributed to the history of Canada.; the stories of growth, persecution and incredible bravery that have shaped this nation to what it is today .

Viola Desmond is one of those figures that forever changed the lives of Black people here in Canada.  Leroy Hibbert, the event speaker, told Ms. Desmond’s courageous story to all those in attendance.

He explained that she was a person who stood up for injustice, even though she may not have known the impact of the decision she made at the time.  Hibbert went on to say that Ms. Desmond is not just a role model for people of colour, but everybody and anybody.

Viola Desmond will be the first ever Canadian women to be featured on a banknote when she becomes the new face of the $10 bill in 2018.

From the early 1600’s, African Canadians have been extremely influential in shaping this nation. The history of how Blacks have been treated in Canada has not always been positive, but overtime, African Canadians have helped create the diverse, multicultural, and accepting county that we can be proud to call home.

It is clear through events like these that the Black community has played a very important role in shaping the Canada we know, and love today.


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